Are you stressed out?

In the past month, has the following situation happened to you?:

1) Feel that you have too much work and you cannot cope.
2) Feel that you have to race through the day, e.g. talking and walking fast, crossing road on red light.
3) Feel that there is no time for hobbies and always think about work.
4) Blow up easily when you meet failure or difficulties.
5) Worry about others’ comments on your work performance.
6) Feel that your boss or family does not appreciate you.
7) Worry about your financial situation.
8) Have consistent headache / stomach ache / back pain.
9) Ease your nerve / mind through smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs or frequent snacking.
10) Use sleeping pills or tranquilizers to get into sleep.
11) Get angry when you are with your family or colleagues.
12) Interrupt the other person while they are speaking.
13) Worry about things while in bed and cannot get into a sleep.
14) Unable to achieve perfection because of too much work.
15) Feel guilty when taking a break.
16) Do things in your own way but feel guilty afterwards.
17) Feel that you should not enjoy life.