Say "NO" to Chronic Diseases

Stop smoking

Smokers have a very high risk of developing cancers and chronic illnesses

What is secondhand smoke?

A combination of smoke coming out of smoker’s mouth and the smoke given off by the burning of cigarette.

Benefits on health

Once you stop smoking, your body starts to repair itself.

  • Reduce the risk of getting serious smoking-related diseases such as heart disease, cancers, lung disease and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Decreases the risk of many diseases related to second-hand smoke in children, such as asthma.
Other benefits
  • You will save well over HK$20,000 a year if you smoke 1 pack a day. Over HK$200,000 in 10 years
  • Your breath is fresh all the time
  • Your clothes, hair and your home will smell better
  • Your taste buds will feel much better
Tips on quitting smoking
Medication for quitting smoking
Nicotine gum
Nicotine patch

Nicotine inhaler

Non-nicotine drug

  • Varenicline/Champix
Smoking Cessation Services

United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service (UCNCHS)

(Smoking Cessation Programme for Ethnic Minorities and New Immigrants)

Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, Department of Health

Smoking cessation talks

The Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office organizes smoking cessation health talk to explain:

  • Harmful effects of smoking and secondhand smoke
  • Reasons for quitting smoking
  • Benefits of quitting smoking
  • Encourage smokers to quit smoking


* Information on methods of quitting smoking, medications and smoking cessation clinic services will be provided