Controlled drinking


  • 33 million deaths worldwide
  • 5.9% of all deaths worldwide
  • Related to 200 diseases and injury conditions
  • In the age group 20 – 39 years approximately 25 % of the total deaths are alcohol-attributable

How much is too much per day

  • Men should not drink more than 2 alcohol units per day
  • Women should not drink more than 1 alcohol unit per day?
  • Hong Kong

    Men: 2 Alcohol Units per day

    Women: 1 Alcohol Unit per day

Type Alcohol content * Volume per container or per usual serving Number of "Alcohol Unit" Per container
5% 330ml (small can) 1
500ml (king can) 2
330ml (small bottle) 1
640ml (large bottle) 3
Red wine / White wine
125ml (small glass) 1 (1-2)
750ml (bottle) 7 (7-9)
Champagne / Sparkling
12% 125ml (small glass) 1
750ml (bottle) 7
(Whisky / Vodka / Gin / Rum / Tequila / Brandy)
30ml (pub measure) 1

Note: If you drink as much as 14 units per week, it is advised to spread, it evenly across the week.

Long term alcohol related health effects

  • Mental health and behavioral disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Cancer

Immediate alcohol related effects

  • Injuries related to violence and road traffic accidents
  • Suicide
  • Risky sexual behavior can lead to infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS etc.

How to reduce harm if you choose to drink alcohol?

  • Do not drink on an empty stomach
  • Know your limits and the alcohol content, choose drinks with lower alcohol content
  • Reduce alcohol content by adding ice or water/juice
  • Take sips rather than gulps
  • Drink alcohol free beverages in between such as water and fruit juice
  • Never drink and drive, use public transport

If you do not drink at all, do not start drinking
If you choose to drink alcohol, limit your drink to minimize alcohol related harm

Local services

1.Tuen Mun Alcohol Problems Clinic (TMAPC)

Monday and Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday Closed
Contact 2456-8260

2.Tung Wah Group of hospitals (Alcohol abuse prevention and treatment services)

Hotline: 2884 9876

Fax: 2884 3262




Serenity Sisters (Women’s Meeting)
Lucy H. / Michele K.
9041 6974 / 6299 9571

3.Hospital Authority substance abuse clinics

Programme Agency Telephone Target Client (Sex)
Substance Abuse Clinic Hong Kong East Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Substance Misuse Clinic 2595 4546 M/F
Hong Kong West Queen Mary Hospital Substance Abuse Clinic 2517 8140 M/F
Kowloon Central Kowloon Hospital Substance Abuse Clinic 3129 6710 M/F
Kowloon East Kowloon East Substance Abuse Clinic 3949 5070 M/F
Kowloon West Kwai Chung Hospital Substance Abuse Assessment Clinic 2959 8082 M/F
New Territories East Prince of Wales Hospital / North District Hospital Substance Abuse Clinic 3505 2584 M/F
New Territories West Castle Peak Hospital Tuen Mun Substance Abuse Clinic 2456 8260 M/F