Covid-19 and Colorectal Cancer’s live video

We would like to have Tika Rana on 13/7/2020/to introduce Colorectal Cancer , free screening programme of Colorectal Cancer and also some important information of Covid-19 in Hong Kong that you have to know. Please stay health and performing good hygiene practice to protect ourselves, colleagues and families.🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️

Please Click this website for more furtuerh information:…/colorectal-cancer/

International Men’s Health Week

International Men Health week(15/6-21/6/2020) is coming, We are going to have a FB live show on Monday(15/6/2020) to share about the number one killer to men’s health: Heart Disease. To help prevent the heart disease, we would like to share more details about it to trigger more concerns of cultivating better health lifestyle. Let ask your families to watch the live show on Monday!!

Date : 15/6/2020
Time: 12:20 pm
Guest Speaker: Tika Rana

Please Click here for more information of Heart Disease:…/heart-attack/

World no Tobacco Day 2020

The upcoming Sunday(31/5/2020) is World no Tobacco Day.

We had the Fb Live show on 29/5/2020 to discuss the advantages of no smoking and some hot topic related to smoking nowadays.

Please click on this link for watching the video: Facebook Live by Tika Rana

News article about “Say No to Chronic Diseases” is published in

A news article on our website “Say NO to Chronic has been published on 3rd August 2019 in is one of the popular news portal among the Nepalese community in Nepal and Hong Kong as well. We would like to thank to the team from for covering our website “Say No To Chronic Diseases” to the readers from all over the world.

For more details about the news article, please find the link here @